Friday, August 30, 2013

Jin Qian Cao - Herba Jinqiancao, Gold Coin Grass, Herba Lysimachiae

Small trees is 40-80cm high, low growing. The stems droop down, and rooted in the base then growing upright. The young stems are cylindrical in shape, notched with rust colored velvet coat. The leaves arranged in the alternate fashion with one or three leaflets in each cluster, 2.5-4.5 cm long, 2-4cm wide, the middle leaflet is bird's-eye in shape, the lateral leaflets are oval and bird’s eye. The upper side is green and smooth, the underside contains silver white and soft feathers. The flower grows in clusters in the axillary or in the top, tawny soft bristles, leaves grow from the base of the flower. Pink flowers, in clusters of 2 – 3 flowers/cluster. The fruit hangs down, slightly curved, and arc in shape, with three parts. Flowering from June to September, fruiting from September to October.
Name of medication: Herba Desmodii.
Other names: Phyllodium elegans, buffalo Eyes, dragon Scales, Cyclea barbata Miers, butterfly, Gold Money Herb, Cat’s foot, maiden-hair, ground ivy (English); Herbe de St-Jean, couronne de terre, lierre terrestre, rondette (French).
Scientific name: Herba Desmodii (Osb.) Merr. Fabaceae
Medicinal Description: Cylindrical body, 1-meter long, covered with soft, short, yellow fur. Stems is somewhat brittle, with jagged surface. The leaves arranged in the alternate fashion with one or three leaflet in each cluster, round or oblong, 2-4 cm in diameter, round, obtuse apex, heart-shape, obtuse bottom, raw edge, the upper side is yellowish green or gray-green, smooth, the underside is whitish, hairy, the side leaf veins are in shape of bird feathers; the peduncle is 1-2 cm long, 2 accompanied leaves is in lanceolate shape of about 8 mm long. Aromatic smell, slightly sweet taste. 
Used parts: Dried stems and cloves with leaves of the Herba Desmodii
Distribution: Grows in some mountainous provinces of Vietnam: Hoa Binh, Bac Giang, Ha Noi, Lang Son, Ninh Binh, and Quang Ninh…
Harvesting: Harvest in summer, autumn, wash the herbal, and remove the impurities, chop and dry
Pharmacological effects: The modern pharmacology studies showed that Herba Desmodii has the following effects:
  • Diuretic, bile purification.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Vasodilatation, antihypertensive.

Chemical composition: Herba Desmodii contains polysaccharid, saponin triterpenic, flavonoids like isovitexin, vicenin glycosid, isoorientin, and other substances such as desmodimin, desmodilacton, lupenon, lupcol, tritriacontan, acid stearic.
Functions: Cooling down effects, rheumatic disease prevention, and diuretic effects.
Medicinal uses: Nephrolithiasis, gallstones, bladder stones, edema, painful urination, frequency, furuncle, edema with oliguria, hematuria.
Usage and dosage: 10 - 30g/day, cook to get the extract.