Saturday, November 1, 2014

Việc Buôn bán opens an forum

We, Việc Buôn bán would like to encourage the dialogue with the customer and the customer dialogue with each other. Therefore we open a forum.

First, we want to provide an extension, additionally to our customer service and the online help offers on Something and more exotic issues can be discussed here. However, no custom things or personal information should be posted!

Each user can enter on there asked questions answers not only the moderators or administrators.

New or maybe even somehow more distant topics can be treated and commented here.

On the other hand we also want to create something like a community in the Việc Buôn bán forum. Although the focus is likely to be strong on Việc Buôn bán and the Việc Buôn bán products, but we imagine that there also more general topics. A few forums we have already created, now we wait for suggestions from you.

We expect your feedback on !